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  NHS 1957 Suburban League Football Champions 50 Year  Reunion

(Last Undefeated NHS Football Team Since 1957)




Tho' the earth be filled with flowers,
         Most beautiful and sweet;
And the roses and the lilies
          Hide the pathway at our feet;
Oh, the blue and white shy violets
          Will e'er be our delight,
For they wear the loyal colors
          Of our Emblem-Blue and White.

In all kinds of school athletics
          No honor do we lack,
For to Norristown we're giving
          Victories won on field and track;'
With a spirit never conquered,
          For N.H.S. we fight,
And we never growl at being
          Black and blue for Blue and White.

When our three-year course is ended
           And we leave our school so dear,
We will make the world take notice
          Of our challenge-"Look, who's here;'
For we've learned that white means pureness
          And blue means worth and right,
And our lives shall be the witness
          Of our love for Blue and White.

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