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  NHS 1957 Suburban League Football Champions 50 Year  Reunion

(Last Undefeated NHS Football Team Since 1957)



    The spark for a 50 year reunion of the NHS 1957 undefeated football team started with a conversation between Charlie Holmes and Roger Adelman.  Ideas were exchanged via phone conversations, email and regular mail.  The basic concept is  to locate the players, cheerleaders, coaches and  some special guests and organize a dinner event complete with a short program, memorabilia, and a viewing of one of the games films.


Bob Hopple  rhopple@adelphia.net    805-484-2573     
Phil Knerr  MCRMAAG@verizon.net   610-666-5585              
Roger Adelman  RADELMAN@EROLS.COM   202-822-0600                      
John Bown  JoansArk2@aol.com   610-584-5333              
Charlie Holmes  wsh330@msn.com    410-749-0992          
Larry Walker (no email)   610-539-4895                 Fax 610-630-5136    
Bill Glazier  orca59@aol.com   410-876-6653                 
Dave Wetzel  wetzel@comcast.net   215-699-3698   
Jim Plummer  jimplumm@comcast.net   215-646-4432               


1st Committee Meeting: Date: April 22, 2007
  Time: 12:30 PM
  Location: Chadwick's Restaurant
  Committee members attending: Roger, Jim, Phil, and Dave
  Discussions/Decisions/(Tasking): Booked banquet facility at Chadwick's (The Club at Shannondell) for Sataturday, November 10, 2007 (Jim and Roger)

Worked on list of possible attendees - players, managers, cheerleaders, coaches, and special guests {spouses/guest invited} (all)

Setup this website, maintain database, collect electronic copies of pictures, newspaper articles etc. (Dave)

Contact cheerleaders and missing players (Jim)

Draft Program for event, determine electronic format needed by printer (Roger)

Determine availability and cost for Times Herald photos and newspaper articles on games and other associated activities/awards (Phil)

Plan to send post card announcing event by mid May 2007.  Post card to include: Reminder to block November 10, 2007, the location for the event. the URL for this website, a request to reply via email if able etc. (Dave)

April 22, 2007



Library research and lunch (Ted, Phil, Charlie and Dave)    
July 13, 2007




2nd Committee Meeting: Date: Saturday, July 14, 2007
  Time: 12:00 noon
  Location: Chadwick's Restaurant & Bar
  Committee members attending: Roger Adelman, Charlie Holmes, Dave Wetzel, Larry Walker, John Bown, Phil Knerr and Jim Plummer
  Discussions/Decisions/Tasking: LM Game DVD - Make enough copies for all players, cheerleaders and invited guests attending the event (Dave).  DVD of other games contingent on getting films from Dick Daddona ASAP (All help)

Cheerleader photo handout to match football team photo with eagles on cardstock paper (Dave)

Website on CD (as of week before reunion) hand out (Dave)

Hardcopy of all newspaper clips to Roger before next meeting (Dave)
Add introduction pages for each section and get copies printed and delivered to reunion (Roger)

Professional help to locate missing (Roger)

Locate obituaries for Willie Suber, Lee Phillips, Robert Lee and Francis Whitten (All) Charlie search for the funeral program you said you might have at home

Locate copy of Cheltenham and Upper Darby game programs  (All + Dave will get with Larry to search school archives)

Commemorative Booklet (Roger to check with printer to determine if Acrobat file (pdf) adequate to print necessary copies.  Dave to produce booklet electronically and deliver either Acrobat file or one color copy to Roger for printer.  Roger to get copies printed and delivered to reunion

Determine source and cost of flowers or no go (Roger)

Program updated and distributed to committee for comments (Roger). Game and plaque issues determined (Larry)

Press Coverage issues (Larry)  Provide info if guest as discussed

Menu - confirm costs for options discussed and advise committee. Must be locked in at or before September meeting (John and Jim)

Dress Code wording - "Suit Coat/Sport Coat"

Patrons confirmed (John and Roger)

Determine cost and charge per couple/per individual for September meeting (John, Jim, Roger)

Assistants (at least 2) for registration, and individual photos and directing guests (John + All)

Digital camera w/tripod, Name Tags, Place Markers, Menu Selection Marker and list of guests expected (check off and document picture number list) (Dave)

Pictures taken at the event to be available on the website after the event (Dave) 

Schedule revisions and send to committee members (Roger)

July letter - revise draft and submit to committee for comments/corrections/changes then mail letter plus business card size reminder/information card (Dave)

Get information on wine discussion for decision (Jim)

Coordinate Jerry's presentation part of the Program (Roger)


 Chadwick's  Restaurant & Bar                                    Larry, Roger and Charlie                                      Phil, John, and Jim



Banquet Facility


3rd Committee Meeting: Date: Saturday, September 15, 2007
  Time: 11:30 am
  Location: Chadwick's Restaurant & Bar
  Committee members attending: Jim Plummer, Charlie Holmes, Phil Knerr, John Bown, Dave Wetzel and Roger Adelman
  Discussions/Decisions/Tasking: Shorty Landes will attend as a Guest to work the Registration Table along with Suzanne Shank

Budget, cost, menu, patron, and other issues resolved or tasked

Final planning meeting scheduled for October 27, 2007 at Chadwick's 12:00 noon

Before next Meeting

Dave delivers files for booklets to Roger who gives them to printer for production to be before next meeting

Jim and Dave coordinate floor plan and room setup with Lori at Chadwick's and committee

Press coverage issues resolved


At Next Meeting

Finalize all activities at the event - Program, Schedule, Flowers, Setup time etc.

Head Count, Liaison status/problems 

Run through of program -  timing, positions, prompts, A/V support,  etc.

Roger brings News Clips Booklets and Commemorative Booklets from printer plus any other handouts

Dave brings Name tags, place markers, meal markers, plus other handouts and signage and camera setup

Dave brings foam board displays for memorabilia tables

Jim brings his trailer to store handouts etc. until reunion

Handouts organized for rapid registration process - May want to have Shorty and Suzanne attend





Shorty Landes

                             Jim Plummer, Charlie Holmes, Phil Knerr, John Bown, Dave Wetzel and Roger Adelman


4th Committee Meeting: Date: Saturday, October 27, 2007
  Time: 12:00 noon
  Location: Chadwick's Restaurant & Bar (may need location to organize handouts after main meeting)
  Committee members attending: John Bown, Stewart Percy, Bob Eastwood, Phil Knerr, Jim Plummer, Dave Wetzel and Roger Adelman
  Discussions/Decisions/Tasking: Currently expect 104 to attend event.   Dave needs any changes by November 6, 2007. List of all attendees and recorded menu selections available on Event Details page of website. or   <click here>
Handouts delivered - to be packaged by Jim Plummer, Suzanne Shank and Dave Wetzel next week.
Final email reminder to be early four days before event to be drafted by Roger and emailed to all available addresses by Dave.
Roger to send Place Mats to Jim who will provided to Lori before event.
John advised we were on budget.
Press coverage in the works by Times Herald.
Room layout discussed - Dave will coordinated with Lori on Thursday.
Program reviewed -  phone coordination with other participants.
Roger to check with Larry on award and presentation.
Jim to coordinate flowers.
Presenters to coordinate any required audio/video support with Dave ASAP
Bob to email Program file to Dave who will print copies for attendees 3 days prior to the event.





John Bown, Stewart Percy, Bob Eastwood, Phil Knerr, Jim Plummer, Dave Wetzel, Roger Adelman




Stuffing Handout Bags at Jim's Office

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Doug, Suzanne, Jim and friend plus Dave behind the camera - Should make registration go smoother at Reunion



Database and other DRAFT documents (updated as changes received) for Committee Members only (password required) Click here




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